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Journal of East Asia and International Law (JEAIL) has been semi-annually (May 30 & November 30) published since 2008 by the YIJUN Institute of International Law. It aims to promote research and thinking of legal scholars and practitioners from both East Asia and another regions having its regional focus. As the unique globally recognized international law review (ESCI/SCOPUS) focusing on East Asian regional affairs, the Journal covers all aspects of public international law applicable to East Asia within its topical scope. In addition, significant developments relating to international law will be dealt with from an independent viewpoint of East Asia.

The Journal welcomes academic articles and reports containing insightful, provocative and creative ideas. All drafts will be peer-reviewed through the fair, independent and scientific process. These positions are ensured by its Editorial and International Advisory Board drawn from outstanding lawyers from the countries in this region as well as from its global network.

The articles and other materials contained in the Journal reflect the views of their authors and do not necessarily coincide with those of either Editor-in-Chief, or the Editorial Board of the Journal.