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Research Paper
Published online: November 30, 2008

Resolving Jurisdiction Conflicts between Courts and Arbitral Tribunals: A Chinese Law Perspective

Xiaohong Liu
East China University of Political Science & Law, China
Faculty of Law, East China University of Political Science & Law, Shanghai, China.
Corresponding Author

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The question of conflict of jurisdictions between courts and arbitral tribunals not merely constitutes a purely theoretical issue, but it also has significance in the legal practice. When many countries show allowance to arbitration and support its development to the greatest extent, few courts in China fail to tackle the relationships between arbitration and courts. By means of an analysis of possible conflict of the jurisdictions between courts and arbitral tribunals, this article pleas for a supportive attitude of courts with respect to arbitration, so as to reduce the impact of courts' judicial supervision on the due arbitration proceeding. In-depth theoretical discussions will develop on the principle of "competence-competence" and its application in China, justifying the conclusion that the essence of this principle is to have disputes between parties in arbitration agreements solved within the arbitration system and thereby to respect the parties' decision to submit to arbitration.

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