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Research Paper
Published online: May 30, 2010

Colonised's Madness, Colonisers' Modernity and International Law: Mythological Materialism in the East-West Telos

Prabhakar Singh
Jindal Global Law School
Room No. A-226, O.P.Jindal Global University, Jagdishpur Village, NCR of Delhi, 131001, India.
Corresponding Author:

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This monograph takes on "modern art" as the location of modernity. This subject, in my view, holds potential for a productive multi-logue and not just a dialogue, between three binary socio-cultural categories: child and adult, normal and mad, and colonisers and colonised. Modern art raises very interesting questions, and as an area that is often ignored in the analysis of law and science, it forms a powerful field for exploring both, as well as their intersections. Exploring the psychology of colonisation/domination is an important objective of this monograph. In order to get at it, the monograph imbibes Appadurai, Foucault, and Nandy as offering complementary stances on modernity and subsequent globalisation of intra- European relations after industrial revolution. In doing so the author relates aspects of semiotic theory by looking at theories of myth. It concludes by applying their relevance to the strategy of signification deployed by International Law/relations.

Keywords : Ancient, Art, Beauty, Childhood, Colonisation, Racism, Mythological Materialism, Phenomenology, Modernity, Semiotics, International Law

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