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Research Paper
Published online: November 30, 2011

The Way Forward for Promoting Awareness of Space Law in Asia: A Proposal for Institutional Capacity Building

Yun Zhao
University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong.
KK Leung Building, HKU Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong.
Corresponding Author:

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International cooperation in outer space affairs has always been considered vital to the development of space activities. Such cooperation happens in different levels and different areas. Regional cooperation is especially meaningful to the regions concerned. We have witnessed important developments of space cooperation in Asia in the last few years. However, the cooperation so far is largely limited to technological aspects. We urgently need to see the cooperation in promoting awareness of space law in this region. This article proposes that the establishment of the Asia-Pacific Space Law Center, modeling on the European Center for Space Law, could fill the gap and play an important role in the promotion and education of space law in Asia. Nevertheless, in view of the current situation in the region, we may need to adopt the second best approach, that is, to establish a section within the Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization solely dealing with promoting regional cooperation for space law.

Keywords : Space Cooperation, Asia-Pacific Space Law Center, Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization, Capacity Building

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