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Research Paper
Published online: May 30, 2014

Who Threatens Whom? The 'Chinese Threat' and the Bush Doctrine

Dong Chen
Sun Yat-sen University, P. R. China
Sun Yat-sen University, School of Law, P. R. China, 510275.
Corresponding Author:

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'Chinese threat' is highly controversial in international academia. This article attempts to expose the China threat and provide a comprehensive analysis as to the extent of the so-called threat. The essence of the 'Chinese threat' is based on misunderstandings concerning Chinese culture, on ill- reasoned historical experiences of rising powers and conflict, on the great gap between Christian and Chinese culture, and on the inherent nature of expansiveness of the former. In contrast, the Bush Doctrine (including the preemptive strike theory) poses an actual threat to China, as does the US protection of Japan unconditioned on Japanese admission and repentance for heinous war crimes committed during World War II. Treating China as an equal is the best policy that could be employed by the West. China's unification and domestic stability would greatly contribute to world peace, while supporting the China threat ideology would have the opposite effect.

Keywords : Chinese Threat, Bush Doctrine, Chinese Culture, Christianity, Evangelical, Axis of Evil

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