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The Winner Takes It All?: Innovations of China’s Soft Power Strategies

Ella Gorian & Avinash Dadhich

JEAIL Volume 17, Number 1 (2024), 25-40


In recent years, the global geopolitical landscape has been significantly influenced by nations asserting dominance in key sectors, including finance, intellectual property, and military industries. This ascendancy allows states to dictate terms and wield substantial impact on the world order. In particular, China has emerged as a pivotal player, strategically utilizing innovation and economic prowess to reshape international relations. This research examines China’s role in redefining global power dynamics, particularly within Africa, while evaluating the effectiveness and criticisms of its “soft power” strategies. China’s robust presence in critical sectors such as finance, intellectual property, and military industries underscores the correlation between leadership in these domains and global influence. The country’s economic and technological prowess has positioned it as a formidable player, enabling it to exert significant control over international rules and norms. The ramifications of such dominance transcend mere economic power, influencing diplomatic relations and shaping the international order

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