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Published online: November 30, 2018

From Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated Fishing to Transnational Organised Crime in Fishery from an Indonesian Perspective

Aryuni Yuliantiningsih & Hartiwiningsih & Ade Maman Suherman & Emmy Latifah
Law Faculty, UNSOED, Jl. H.R. Bunyamin 708, Puwokerto, Indonesia.
Corresponding Author:

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Illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing (IUUF) is a complex problem because IUUF perpetrators not only have fisheries management issues, but also commit other crimes. This phenomenon raises further academic analysis of crime in fisheries at domestic and international levels. Indonesia has experienced different events leading to addressing crimes related to fisheries, which initially came from IUUF practices. To achieve legal certainty, crimes in fisheries issues must be separated from IUUF because IUUF is a matter under the mandate of FAO and crime in fishery is under the mandate of UNODC. Many have mixed IUUF and crimes in fishery in one basket, making the matter confusing from legal and practical point of view. At the domestic level, there must be a regulatory framework recognizing the linkage between fisheries and criminal activities. At the international level, meanwhile, there must be an international cooperation through existing frameworks such as Mutual Legal Assistance.

Keywords : IUUF, Crime in Fishery Sector, TOC, Indonesia

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