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Published online: May 30, 2019

Legal Approach to Energy Security of Iran: With Special References to Crude Oil and Gas

Elham Aminzadeh & Nasser Khodaparast
Faculty of Law and Political Sciences, University of Tehran, 16 Azar Ave., Enghelab Sq, Tehran, I.R. Iran.
Corresponding Author:

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Despite the current developments in creation of state security, the question of affording energy security is of paramount importance worldwide. Hence, all countries try to adopt myriads of laws and regulations aimed at energy security. Energy security relates to the degree of economic welfare attached to the rise or fall in either the price or availability of energy. The Islamic Republic of Iran, on the one hand is located in a strategic center of producing and exporting energy (oil and gas) known as “ellipse of energy.” On the other hand, it is situated in the transit way of energy to large consuming markets such as South and East of Asia and Europe. Thus, Iran is currently considered as an effective player in providing energy security in the world. In this article, the authors seek to analyze the strategic policies and priorities stipulated in the oil and gas-related regulations of Iran in terms of energy security.

Keywords : Energy Security, Oil, Gas, Iran, Iranian Laws and Regulations

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