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Published online: May 30, 2019

Exploitation of Natural Resources in Kazakhstan: Judicial Practice for Foreign Investment

Bauyrzhan Yessengeldin & Zhibek Khussainova & Aigul Kurmanova & Dinara Syzdykova & Azamat Zhanseitov
100028, улица Университетская 28, Karagandy, Kazakhstan.
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Kazakhstan is one of the few countries worldwide endowed with a wealth of diverse natural resources. However, the country has yet to fully exploit these resources, for a variety of reasons, including high levels of corruption, ambiguous laws that cause confusion to the judiciary and consumers. The aim of this paper is to explore the exploitation of natural resource in the country from an international legal perspective. The article demonstrates how corruption hinders the exploitation of natural resources in Kazakhstan. It also describes how the current law seeks to address the issue of natural resource exploitation, noting its ambiguities. The paper concludes by highlighting the provisions made in the UN Declaration concerning Rights to Exploit Natural Resources, and makes recommendations concerning how Kazakhstan’s government can promote the rights of citizens to enjoy access to the land and natural resources.

Keywords : Judiciary, Laws, Natural Resource Exploitation Rights, Kazakhstan

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