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Review Article
Published online: Nov. 30, 2020

China’s Diplomacy and International Law

Wenjun Yan
No.24 Zhanlanguan Road, Xicheng District, Beijing, 100037, PRC.
Corresponding Author:

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China’s Diplomacy and International Law [中国特色大国外交与国际法] (CDIL) is published jointly by the Law Press and Wuhan University Institute of International Law. The author of CDIL, Mr. Huang Huikang (Huang), based on his own practice and research, elaborated on the 70-year development of the diplomacy of Post-1949 China (PRC) and expounded on his 40 years’ academic thinking on international law and perception of China’s diplomacy in relation to law for the past 40 years. The CDIL was published in September 2019, containing 10 chapters and more than 520,000 words. The CDIL can be divided into three parts: Part I (Chapters One to Three), Part II (Chapters Four to Nine) and Part III are the General Principles, Detailed Discussions and Conclusions, respectively.

Keywords : China’s Diplomacy, International Law, General Principles, Methodology, Hegemony

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