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Research Paper
Published online: November 30, 2023

Responsibility to Rescue Refugees at Sea under International Law

Nehaluddin Ahmad & Faizan Mustafa & Hanan Abdul Aziz
University Islam Sultan Sharif Ali
Simpang 347, Jalan Pasar Gadong, Sultan Sharif Ali Islamic University (UNISSA), Brunei Darussalam.
Corresponding Author:

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This research examines the rescue of refugees at sea in the context of international law and human rights. The article focuses on the search and rescue obligations outlined in the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea. The article also discusses other international initiatives relevant to the rescue of refugees at sea, including the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea and the Global Compact on Refugees. The challenges surrounding the rescue of refugees at sea are also analysed, including issues such as delays and refusals in assistance. The authors further explore disagreements over responsibility and jurisdiction in rescue operations involving refugees. Finally, the article underscores the need for a comprehensive understanding of international legislation and basic humanitarian principles when addressing the rescue of refugees at sea. It offers insights into potential solutions for addressing the challenges and controversies encountered in these rescue operations.

Keywords : Refugees, 1951 Convention on Refugee, Search and Rescue, International Convention for Safety of Life at Sea, International Maritime Organization

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